Em Heat On Thermostat

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Em Heat On Thermostat is setting will energize the electric heatstrips inside the top rated from the airhandler. They’re going to price far more to run than the heat pump in standard heat mode, but offer a implies of heat must the outdoor unit quit working even though in heat mode. It controls an auxiliary heat source, generally either an electrical coil or possibly a heat pump, which will be turned on in addition to or in place in the key heat source.

Em Heat On Thermostat is usually activated for several factors :

1. The freon charge is insufficient or gone plus the back up electric heat strips kick on to answer the heat demand out of your thermostat. There’s normally an odor when this happens the initial time because of dust burn off around the heating elements.

2. If the thermostat is set 4 or so degrees above the room temperature, the emergency heat will kick in to supplement the freon-supplied heat to bring the temperature in the home up additional rapidly. Once the temperature within the home gets close to the thermostat setting, emergency heat will turn off automatically. Normally, this does not mean the freon charge is low, specifically in the event the AC was operating nicely throughout the summer season.

Em Heat On Thermostat
This is by far the most widespread explanation emergency heat comes on, being the first time heat is required for the season and setting the thermostat to say, 80, when the indoor temp is 68 one example is.3. Emergency heat can also be referred to as into play by the thermostat in the course of particularly low outside temps. Once more, when the indoor temperature falls 4 or so degrees under what the thermostat is set at, the emergency heat will temporarily kick in to bring indoor temp back towards the the temp the thermostat is set at.

Heat pumps are particularly efficient if installed correctly and also you are south from the Mason-Dixon line. Greatest assistance for summer season and winter: set the temp to One setting and leave it alone! Do not run the settings up and down, this can price you dollars!

Also, the heat discharged from the vents may well feel “cool”, specifically should you be used to a gas or oil furnace. Depending on outdoor temps plus the efficiency of your heat pump unit, vent discharge temps may be within the array of 90 to 120 degrees when the E heat is just not on.

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