Kode Transistor

Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)

Pro-electron code

SA: PNP HF transistor
SB: PNP AF transistor
SC: NPN HF transistor
SD: NPN AF transistor
SE: Diodes
SF: Thyristors
SG: Gunn devices
SJ: P-channel FET/MOSFET
SK: N-channel FET/MOSFET
SM: Triac
SR: Rectifier
SS: Signal diodes
ST: Avalanche diodes
SV: Varicaps
SZ: Zener diodes

A = low gain
B = medium gain
C = high gain
No suffix = ungrouped (any gain)

The first letter indicates the material:
A = Ge
B = Si
C = GaAs
R = compound materials.
(Most common type is B.)

The second letter indicates the device application:
A: Diode RF
B: Variac
C: transistor, AF, small signal
D: transistor, AF, power
E: Tunnel diode
F: transistor, HF, small signal
K: Hall effect device
L: Transistor, HF, power
N: Optocoupler
P: Radiation sensitive device
Q: Radiation producing device
R: Thyristor, Low power
T: Thyristor, Power
U: Transistor, power, switching
Y: Rectifier
Z: Zener, or voltage regulator diode