What Does Emer Mean On A Thermostat ?

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Home owners that have heat pumps realize that also to “Heat,” “Cool” and “Off” there’s an added setting around the thermostat labeled “Emergency Heat.” Heat pumps are fundamentally heat transporters that move warmth from exactly where it is required or not necessary, based around the season. Throughout the winter months, a heat pump extracts outdoors heat in the air and transfers it inside to become dispersed by means of your ductwork and house. As temperatures dip, nonetheless, the heat pump just isn’t in a position to pull as considerably exterior heat towards the indoors.

When your thermostat senses outside temperatures are also cold for the heat pump to become made use of as your main heat supply, it automatically switches to a secondary heating supply. Backup heat systems can be electric, gas, oil or hot water, but this switch is often automatic. So, what regarding the “Emergency Heat” setting? When does it come into play?

What Emer Mean On A Thermostat
Because the name implies, this setting really should be made use of only when the outside heat pump will not be operating correctly (maybe it is been broken inside a storm or its compressor has malfunctioned).

What Does Emer Mean On A Thermostat ?

Emer. = Emergency Heat (Ordinarily exactly the same electric resistive heat supply because the auxiliary). This really is engaged manually around the method mode switch. When switched to Emergency, the thermostat bypasses the heat pump and operates only around the resistive components. This can be valuable when the pump just isn’t operating appropriately or in the event the temperature outdoors is so cold that the heat pump isn’t economical to run. When the Auxiliary Heat and Emergency Heat are employing the identical back-up heat supply the thermostat may perhaps show the Auxiliary and/or Emergency indicator around the screen.

Switching towards the “Emergency Heat” alternative is usually a manual setting, not an automatic function initiated by the heat pump thermostat. This function locks out the heat pump and makes it possible for the backup heating supply to supply one hundred % from the home’s heating needs till a technician can resolve the issue.

Heat pumps are particularly power effective – much more so than emergency heat offered by a furnace working with electrical resistance coils or burning all-natural gas. Heating your property around the “Emergency Heat” setting could price twice what the heat pump expenses in utility expenditures.

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